Urban Planning & Sustainable Development

My interest in urban planning stems from my passion for spatial justice. With a multinational upbringing, I have continuously traveled through the Mexican-U.S border setting roots on both sides. This physical movement through space has defined how I understand my complex ethnic identity, citizenship, neoliberalism, and urbanization. My lived experiences have informed me that physical spaces are political spaces, and therefore urban planning should be treated as a political action.

During my undergraduate at Western Washington University, I specialized my Urban Planning degree on social justice and education. Through these lenses I researched how urban planning courses lack a strong sense of connection to social and environmental injustices in our society. Along with my peers Gloria Baldwin, Dario Castellon and Millka Solomon, in 2018 we developed an alternative curriculum for teaching Community Development. You can view our final project proposal below:

Above are examples of my design work from an introductory course